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Update from Marvellous Me - now fixed!

We received this from MM last night:


"We are sorry for the glitch today.

The notification service that we use sent blank alerts to parents for a brief time just before lunch (Wed). When parents tapped on these, they would show nothing. We quickly put the site into maintenance mode, to investigate and remedy the issue, which meant that users could not access their accounts.

To reassure you and parents, there was no data breach at all and it was purely down to a technical error.

The system has been up and running since this afternoon, but we have restricted the notifications alerts for further testing, and these will come back to normal during the day tomorrow (Thurs).

In respect of any parent queries:

1. If parents ask what happened?
Please explain that there was technical glitch with MarvellousMe and that the service will be back to normal during the day. They will not have lost any of their history etc.

2. If any parents ask for a join code again to log in?
If a parent has already joined up to MarvellousMe, they do not need to join up again, so won't need it. They should open the app, or re-install it, and log in with their email and password.

3. If any parents have lost their password, or can't remember their email?
They can easily use the reset password link, which they will see when they try to log in. Or please ask them to contact us through our help centre at and we will assist them directly.

Once again, we're sorry that this happened and thank you for your support.