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SCHOOL UNIFORM 2019-20 onwards

School uniform

  • Yellow polo shirt, preferably with school logo.
  • School grey V-neck jumper (with yellow piping) or cardigan (with yellow piping) with St. Mark’s logo.
  • Optional grey blazer with logo.
  • Black trousers or shorts (no three-quarter length shorts) or black knee-length skirt or black pinafore or yellow/white checked summer dress.
  • Plain black socks or black tights or white socks with yellow/white checked summer dress.
  • Black formal leather or leather-look shoes. Heel limit of 1 inch. No open-toed/open-back sandals, jelly shoes, boots, casual shoes or trainers.


PE Kit

  • Emerald green short-sleeved top with logo
  • Plain black shorts
  • Short plain black socks
  • Black tracksuit, preferably with school logo, for winter
  • Trainers


Swimming Kit

  • Black swimsuit or trunks
  • Towel
  • Swim hat (may be purchased from the school office)
  • Flip flops or Crocs (in case of evacuation)
  • [Named goggles optional]



Coats can be any colour but must be practical and waterproof coats should be worn during wet weather.  Any colour of hats/gloves/scarves may be worn in addition to coats during cold weather but must be named. Sun hats can be any colour but must also be named.


Watches may be worn, so long as they are not a distraction to learning.






To promote high standards of dress, shoes should be black and of a formal leather or leather-look style. Casual canvas shoes, trainers, boots or open shoes/sandals are not acceptable.

Where alternative footwear is necessary to support a medical condition, it should be plain black and accompanied by a doctor’s certificate.



All hair at or below shoulder length (both boys and girls) must be tied back at all times in school, but especially during PE and games lessons.  School hair ties should be in appropriate colours and styles suitable to blend with school uniform (yellow/white bands).  Hair should be off the face, clipped back and not obscuring sight.

Pupils should not wear extreme hair fashions, which are designed to attract attention, including dyed or streaked hair, and styles such as spikes and images or lines cut into the hair.


Body Piercing

Body piercing should be kept to one simple stud earring in one or both ears.  New piercings should occur at the beginning of the summer holiday to give it time to heal as all items of jewellery must be removed for all PE and games lessons, including swimming. If your child is unable to remove their earrings themselves please do not send them to school wearing them.

The large diamond type studs are not allowed.  Any logo or emblem as part of the earring is unacceptable.


Tattoos and body piercings are not allowed.


Make up and coloured nail varnish are not allowed.


Pupils are expected to follow the same dress code with regard to hair and jewellery on non-uniform days, unless it is a themed event.


Buying uniform items


Our uniform can be purchased from:

CJI Clothing

886 Wimborne Road

Tel: 01202 513387

Uniform can be ordered online from CJI website for home delivery (see CJI's delivery details page).

Please see the CJI website for further information and to place an order.


Second hand uniform items

The School and Parent Association offer a selection of second hand uniform items for sale. This will soon be available via the PTAevents website. Please contact the S&PA for more details.