St Mark's C.E. Primary School

“Achievement, respect and care in a happy, Christian community.”

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Who's Who

We are pleased share details of our staffing teams for the academic year 2020-21:

The Senior Leadership Team

Mrs C Burn (Headteacher) [Tues-Friday]
Mr A Bright (Deputy Headteacher) [Mon-Acting Head]
Mss C Neal (Phase Leader Rec-Y2)
Mr A Hall (Phase Leader Y3-6)
Mrs H Brewer (Inclusion Co-Ordinator)
Mr A Triplow (School Business Manager)

The Reception Team

Miss Grist (Class Teacher)
Mrs Hankins (Class Teacher Mon)
Mrs Toms (Class Teacher Tue-Fri)
Mrs Langlois (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Power (Teaching Assistant)

The Year 1 Team

Mrs McHugh (Class Teacher)
Mr Vacher (Class Teacher)
Mrs Wilkinson (Teaching Assistant)
Miss Butchers (Teaching Assistant)

The Year 2 Team

Miss Neal (Class Teacher and Phase Leader [YrR-2])
Mrs Harley (Class Teacher Mon-Tue)
Mrs Bonds (Class Teacher Wed-Fri)
Mrs Bircumshaw (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs White (Teaching Assistant)

The Year 3 Team

Mr A Hall (Class Teacher & Phase Leader [Y3,4,5,6]
Mr Coakes (Class Teacher)
Miss Trickett (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Green (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Zacay (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Good (Teaching Assistant)

The Year 4 Team

Miss Bligh (Class Teacher)
Miss Holland  (Class Teacher)
Mrs Cousens (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Westcott (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Symonds (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Somerset-Wilson (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Adamson (Teaching Assistant)

The Year 5 Team

Mr Simkin (Class Teacher [Mon-Thurs)
Mrs Saunders (Class Teacher Fri 5S/S, Wed 5PC)
Mrs Cambers (Class Teacher)
Mrs Cooper (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Miller (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Bunton (Teaching Assistant)

The Year 6 Team

Mr Knight (Class Teacher)
Mrs Scoble (Class Teacher)
Mrs Wilson (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Whittle (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Sarri (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Gentle (Teaching Assistant)
Miss Connolly (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Williams (Teaching Assistant)

Additional Teaching and Support Staff

Mrs E Owens (PPA Teacher)
Mrs Warr (PPA Teacher)
Mrs S Hankins (Intervention Teacher)
Mrs M Horne (Swimming Instructor)
Mrs H Martin (Swimming Teaching Assistant)

SEND and additional support

Mrs H Brewer (Inclusion Co-Ordinator)
Mr P Simkin (Mental Health Initiative Leader)
Mrs V Biles (ELSA, Nurture & Parent Support)
Mrs A Nickols (Nurture Leader & Parent Support)
Mrs J English (Precision Teaching)

Office, Admin and Support Staff

Mr A Triplow (School Business Manager)
Miss S Egan (Office Manager)
Mrs C Kemp (Office team)
Mrs D Paull (Office team)
Mrs N Miller (Office team)
Mrs M Penfold (Office team)
Mr D Coombes (Site Manager)
Premises Staff  
Mr D Coombes (Site Manager)  
Ms B Daley Mrs A Kelham
Mrs K Hill Mrs C Stokes
Lunchtime Supervisors  
Mrs D Harvard-Taylor (Senior Supervisor)  
Mrs S Allsopp Mrs S Bulmer
Mrs S Corbin Mrs P Harthen
Mrs K Hill Mrs N Hughes
Mrs Kirby Miss D Maple
Mrs H Martin Mrs D Peach
Mrs S Smith Mrs C Stokes
Ms D Tubb  



Breakfast Club


Mrs P Wilson

Mrs D Maple; Mrs D Peach

After School Club


Ms D Tubb

Mrs H Martin

Mrs P Harthen

Mrs Peach
Mrs H Powell Mrs Wright