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In the Early Years Foundation Stage at St Mark’s Primary School, we use an online system called Tapestry to record and store observations and assessments relating to each child during their Reception year.  This is a safe and secure system that enables parents and carers to access their child’s Learning Journey.  Parents can share it with their child, family and friends at home and also post any comments and photographs of their own, helping to create a fully holistic view of the child and strengthen the parent-school partnership.


Photographs tell so many stories and are vital for us as practitioners to ‘evidence learning’; we hope that you will enjoy looking at the album as much as we do over the course of the year.  This learning journey will also show children’s developmental progress on their journey towards the Early Learning Goals.


Please remember that to ensure children’s safety Tapestry is for personal use only and MUST NOT be shared on social media or the internet.  St Mark’s Primary School reserves the right to cancel parent’s logins if it is felt that this is being breached.


We would welcome any feedback on Tapestry as we look to continue to improve our home-school links.  If you have any questions or comments, please speak to a member of the Reception team.