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I have a complaint or Safeguarding concern - who do I need to speak to?

The first point of call for most concerns should usually be the class teacher.

If your concern is not dealt with to your satisfaction, you should make an appointment to see the Phase Leader. This is Mrs Colston (Reception and Year 1), Mr Hall (Year 2 and Year 3) and Mr Simkin (Years 4/5/6).

If your concern requires further support, you should speak to Mr Bright (Deputy Headteacher). If you have still not received the outcome you feel is necessary, you may need to make an appointment with Mrs Burn (Headteacher). Finally, it would be appropriate to address your concerns, in writing, to Mrs Michelle Homer, the Chair of Governors.


If your concerns are regarding Safeguarding, please make this known to the office and you will be able to speak to the Designated Safeguarding Lead (Mrs Burn) or Deptuy DSLs (Mr Bright or Mrs Clark).