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St Mark's C.E. Primary School

Achievement, respect and care in a happy, Christian community.

St Mark's C.E Primary School home page

St Mark's C.E. Primary School

Achievement, respect and care in a happy, Christian community.

Sports & the Sports Premium

Sport Premium Spending at St Mark’s C.E. Primary School

In April 2013, the Department for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport announced new funding to support the delivery of PE and school sport. Funding is allocated to all state-maintained secondary, primary, middle and special schools (including non-maintained special schools) and academies. 


At St. Mark’s we have always been passionate about sport and keeping children engaged in a healthy and active lifestyle and Physical Education plays an important part of our curriculum.


Funding 2021-22

In 2021-22 we expect to receive £19,600 to be spent specifically on PE and sport. This is the same as last year (initial £16000 plus £10 per Year 1-6 pupil). At St. Mark’s we have always invested well in sport and this extra funding gives the school an opportunity to further develop the skills and participation of not only children but to better develop the delivery of sport by staff.


In this academic year we will use the money to:


  • Give children the opportunity to participate in at least 2 hours timetabled PE each week
  • Fund swimming lessons for each child (with booster lessons for those who require it)
  • Specialized sport and gymnastics coaches (£7,125)
  • Releasing staff to attend CPD courses and conferences (costs depended on cost of course and time needed)
  • Improving school equipment storage (approx. £200)
  • Supporting children to participate and represent the school in competitions
  • Develop the schools membership to local and national sporting bodies i.e. Youth Sports Trust, Dorset School Games etc.
  • As a result of a positive and encouraging PE ethos within the school it has allowed children to represent the school in a huge range of sports, not only within Bournemouth but also at county level. Children that have experienced a new sport or thrived in sport in school have gone on to join clubs outside of school to pursue their interest and enhance their skills.
  • With the extra funding the school has now been given, there is increased opportunity to further develop our PE and sport across the year groups.


As well as continuing to utilize specialized sports coaches, we are planning to use the extra funding in a number of different ways to help raise the standard of sport within the school. These include:


  • Improving storage solutions in outdoor sheds to enable equipment to be stored properly and without being damaged (£500)
  • INSET for staff related to active teaching (£750)
  • Providing subsided after school support that is targeted to pupils who currently have fewer out of class sporting opportunities (£500)
  • Starting a Change for Life club aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles and engaging every child with sport and exercise (£500)
  • Building links with Bournemouth University sports department to utilize their resources, knowledge and expertise (£500)
  • Further training for newly qualified staff to improve the teaching of PE across the school (£500)
  • Full First Aid training for PE staff to allow more children to participate in competitive sport. (£800)
  • Providing minibus training in order to make full use of school minibus to access local fixtures (£500)
  • Funding for extra sports activities for children where appropriate (£250)
  • Improvements to school equipment, including installing equipment to help with the daily mile run. (£1000)
  • Developing young sports leaders (Bronze ambassadors) to help with the delivery of PE and run lunchtime clubs for other children. (£300)
  • PE staff release for fixtures, planning and monitoring and supporting staff throughout the school I delivering PE. (£1500)
  • Inviting new coaches and sports into school to inspire a wider range of children to participate in sport (£720)
  • Making better use of local facilities (e.g. Bournemouth velodrome and Bournemouth University). (£800)
  • Booster swimming lessons to ensure all pupils are confident swimmers upon leaving school (£1000)
  • Improving outdoor playground environment e.g. netting and markings. (£500)
  • Organising colour team inter house competitions to promote competition across the school (£500)
  • Providing SEN children with unique sporting opportunities through the WAVE project (£400)
  • Contingency (£375)


This is a really exciting time for PE and sport within schools and a fantastic opportunity to improve the fitness of children and get them engaged with sport as well as continuing to promote the concept of ‘fair play’ (mutual respect) following and developing rules, (the rule of law) inclusion, celebrating and rewarding success, being magnanimous in defeat and participation in activities that promote kinship and affiliation with others (tolerance).




We have our own swimming pool and all of our children swim from Reception. We are pleased to share the following whole school attainment (Y1+) of the children who currently (March 2021) meet the expected standard for being able to swim 25m (this is the National expectation upon leaving Y6):


Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
36 out of 6038 out of 6051 out of 6057 out of 6056 out of 6057 out of 60


This year schools have been given an extra allocation on money to be spent on improving the quality and delivery of sport in primary education. The funding is known as the primary physical education and sport premium. Schools must spend the funding on PE and sport activities they off pupils as well as aimed at leading a healthier lifestyle.



One of the main objectives of investing this money in to primary sport and PE is to make it sustainable in schools and give us the opportunity to continue supporting children to meet good levels of fitness and increase their enjoyment and participation of sports. 


By investing in coaches to work alongside teachers it allows staff to increase their skill-sets and their CPD and become better educators of physical activity. This means PE lessons are better focussed and staff have the confidence and skills to start extra-curricular activities. One focus area is to create a Change for Life club with the aim of promoting healthier lifestyles and increased physical activity to all our children and educating them in how to look after themselves and those around them. 


We will continue to support children with their swimming in order to meet the required targets of those able to swim a specific distance by the time they finish Year 6. Investing in better equipment and participation of sport allows us to capture a wider audience and to give children who don’t get to participate in sport outside of school an opportunity to experience new activities. 


Working alongside Bournemouth University means we can build up partnerships with local organisations and explore the benefits of a mutually beneficial relationship and use the expertise and facilities of our local neighbours.

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