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Measles alert for South West England

The following information has been released today by The Village Surgery, Talbot Village. We currently have no reported cases in school.



There is currently a measles outbreak in South West England and we are taking steps to minimise the risks to our patients.

The signs of measles are as follows:

  • Fever followed by a cough, runny nose and sometime conjunctivitis.
  • Spots which usually appear during the first stage of the illness.
  • A rash which starts on day 3-4 initially in the hair line which then spreads to the face, trunk and limbs.
  • The fever persists once the rash has disappeared.

If you have a rash and feel very unwell - DON'T come to the surgery, walk-in centre or the local A&E departments.  CALL AHEAD, that way if you do have measles, you won't pass it on to others and we can give you advice on what to do.