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Bournemouth Septenary Trust

The Septenary Trust represents seven Bournemouth Schools who work in partnership together:

Kingsleigh Primary School

Moordown St John’s CE Primary School

Muscliff Community School

St. Michael’s CE VC Primary School

St. Mark’s CE Primary School

Winton Primary School


All the schools have their own unique ethos and are all striving to promote and secure outstanding school improvement and raise standards for the children in their schools.

Each member school has recognised the value in coming together as a group of schools.  

The Bournemouth Septenary Trust promotes collaboration and the sharing of ideas. This works to strengthen each individual school through mutual respect and team work.  


Our shared vision enables our school staff to work together for staff inset and training. There are opportunities for professional challenge across the schools. The Trust encourages Governing Bodies to share ideas for school improvement. 


More importantly the Trust benefits our children through outreach projects. Across the seven schools there are opportunities for our children to work together in topic work and other activities.


To find out more, please visit the Bournemouth Septenary Trust website.